About Katie

Katie is the head coach of the dance team at the University of Colorado in Boulder. She also works as a freelance choreographer for high school and other college dance teams and studios nation-wide. Katie loves SEC football, college basketball, the Packers, all things dance related, sunny afternoons at the ballpark and spending time with her wonderful friends. Katie is proud Volunteer (much to Curtis' family's dismay) and loved dancing at the University of Tennessee. After college she moved to New Orleans with some amazing friends and made more over the years, including the love of her life Curtis.

About Curtis

Curtis is a sales representative for St. Jude Medical in Denver. He likes the Braves, Vandy Sports, Duke Basketball, Tennessee Titans and all things golf related. He remains close with the friends he made at Duke in Alpha Tau Omega fraternity and tries to get back to Duke for alumni weekends and basketball games when possible. After graduating from Duke, Curtis moved to New Orleans to begin his career with St. Jude. While in New Orleans, he made a close group of friends and met Katie, the love of his life. 

How we met

After graduating from Duke, Curtis moved to New Orleans with two close friends to start his job with St. Jude. At the same time Katie and her good friend Dani were moving into the best apartment in all of New Orleans. Dani and Katie quickly became great friends with the former tenets of their new apartment, "the Michaels". One evening Michael Sugar, one of Curtis' new co-workers, was planning to join the girls for dinner and invited Curtis to join the group. When Sugar's procedure ran late, Curtis attended the dinner with the two girls he had just met alone. After this the group became great friends spending many nights on the patio at Bulldog, drinking beers at Balcony Bar and the occasional trip the French Quarter. When Dani moved to South Dakota with her, now, husband, Katie moved into what had become known as "the Duke" house.  

Not too long after becoming roommates Curtis and Katie made a bet on the Tennessee-Vanderbilt football game. Obviously Katie won and Curtis had to pay for their next meal together. Curtis planned a casual dinner at local hang-out, when the place was packed they end up sitting down to a nice meal and then following that up with drinks. What had started as friendly bet became a date and they've been insperable ever since! 

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